Discipline Specific Learning Outcomes

The design of discipline specific learning outcomes emerged as a major area of interest for network members; not only for the individual / department endeavouring to write discipline specific outcomes but also for the teaching and learning units wishing to provide support for the process.

Working Group Report

The report of the working group, Discipline-specific learning outcomes: reference points, dscussions, case studies and reflections seeks to establish an understanding of the process of writing programme learning outcomes. It also contains prompts for individual teachers to engage with outcomes in their own disciplines, and in order to guide them in producing their own outcomes, which are logical, but not overly specific or overly generic. Case studies from four subject areas / fields of learning: English, business studies, music and physics, are designed to highlight the problems typically encountered and to help solve them. 

The group drew on the experience of individuals who have been involved in drafting discipline-specific benchmark statements in Ireland and the UK and in the work of the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe project and who also have experience of bringing agreed outcomes back to institutions for local application.

Working Group Members 

Convener: Alex Anderson (TCD)

Declan Courell (St. Angela's College)

Deborah Kelleher (Royal Irish Academy of Music)

Sarah Moore (UL)

Elizabeth Noonan (UCD)

Stephen O'Neill (NUIM)

Lewis Purser (IUA)

Anne Sinnott (DCU)

Annabella Stover (Mater Dei Institute of Education)

Michelle Tooher (NUIG)


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